Kartell Yellow Tip – 081357559982 (WA)

Kartell Yellow Tip – 081357559982 (WA)

CV. DWI MITRA SEJAHTERA – Tlp (031) 99621897, 081357559982 (WA), 08883826070, Distributor, Supplier Jual & Harga Alat Laboratorium Kartell Yellow Tip



Compatibility: Kartell®, Gilson®, Eppendorf®, Socorex®, Nichiryo®, Biohit®, Brand®, Hamilton® Kartell® Multipet

Manufactured from virgin cadmium- free PP.

High clarity and excellent water-repellent properties designed to keep sample retention within the tip to a minimum.

The precise centering of the orifice at the end of the tip guarantees reliable directionality of the sample when delivered.

These tips are recommended for use with the Kartell automatic micropipettes but deliver excellent results even if used with the most other micropipette brands available on the market.

Disposable Kartell tips come in different package types to satisfy a variety of needs as economically as possible:

  • bulk bag
  • packed in racks
  • refills for reloading racks


Some disposable tips are also available racked. Boxes containing the racks are in PP and have a snap-on lid.

Boxes containing “macro” tips (5,000 μl and 10,000 μl) have a sliding horizontal cover. Containers and tips are autoclavable to +121°C for 20 minutes.


System comprising a support plate with an array of holes containing pipe tips.

Designed for the reuse of empty racked tip boxes once the racked tips are used.

Several tip styles are available, with the exception of the “macro” tips (5.000 μl and 10.000 μl).

As an option for all refill tips, with the exception of “macro” tips (5.000 μl and 10.000 μl), spare empty racked tip boxes are available in yellow PP.

As an alternative, clear polycarbonate boxes with a horizontal sliding cover can be used; there area two different formats: one for refill tips with a volume range up to 250 μl and the other for refill tips with a volume range up to 1.000 μl.

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